Turn Your Vanity Into A Swanky Apothecary With These Skin Care Products

Kindred Black may have been producing home goods that would make any Pinterest fanatic swoon, but with absolutely no fanfare, they slipped in the release of an incredible rosewater toner that came complete with an old-school, apothecary-style bottle. Though the ingredient was simple, the vintage glass bottle that housed it seemed like it would be more at home in the collection of an old Hollywood icon.

Everything about the product was unique, from the rosewater produced by a small family farm in Iran to the bottle made in Mexico in a workshop dedicated to repurposing recycled glass. The purpose of their packaging was to bring their bottles more in line with the products that they were being filled with. As one of the co-founders of Kindred Black, Jennifer Francis, explained, “People want everything that goes on their body to be super-pure and natural and healthy, but then a lot of times it’s stuck in these plastic bottles,”

Finding a way to make their upcoming range of skincare products plastic free took far more effort than both Jennifer Francis or Alice wells expected. Once their year-long quest was completed, however, they needed to source the products they wanted to add to their apothecary lineup. Guided by the same principles they employed while seeking out their Mexican glass-blowing artisan, they pieced together an impressive lineup.

In addition to the rosewater, one of the other core ingredients they wanted to offer on their website was organic jojoba oil. Those it’s actually a liquid wax, the plant lipid has been on the rise in skin products in recent years because it’s properties are so similar to the oil our skin produces naturally. Kindred Black’s jojoba is sourced from a sustainable farm in the Sonora Desert of Arizona. The remaining oils on offer have a number of different properties that depend on what your skin needs.