The Crafty, Summertime Camp Jewelry Is Making a Comeback in 2021

A matching bracelet and earrings made of colorful pieces

The thing about fashion is that it can always surprise you. Sometimes it’s with an abstract new silhouette concept, and other times it’s by bringing back obscure trends and making them stylish again. In terms of jewelry fashion in 2021, there’s one trend that caught everyone by surprise. The so-called camp jewelry, which we all made from colorful beads in the summer, is making a comeback this year!

Camp Jewelry Is Colorful, Chunky, and Statement-Making

For years now, jewelry trends gravitated around layered thin gold chains, stacking rings, and wearing mid-size hoops. Pair that minimalistic look with the recent introduction of heavier chains, and you have a rather “safe” assortment of fashionable accessories. That’s why the comeback of camp jewelry is such a refreshing trend to look forward to. It’s full of color, shapes, and sizes that are both reminiscent of the 90s and are a fun departure from minimalist fashion.

necklaces made from colorful beads Quirky Designs for Everyday Wear

What made the camp jewelry trend official was the fact that brands like La Manso, Éliou, and Roxanne Assoulin released their new lines of bright-colored and quirky jewelry designs that cemented what 2021 would look like. Even though many thought camp necklaces, earrings, and bracelets wouldn’t last long, it seems like more and more people are warming up to them. We’ve seen the colorful designs on Instagram, celebrities, and TikTok-ers which means only one thing: camp jewelry is here to stay. At least for a while.

A woman wearing a star-shaped colorful earring

Jewelry designers are happy about this change in creative direction as it helps people to “fully express themselves,” says Cristina Mantilla, designer, and co-founder of Éliou. Mantilla also says that we don’t live in quiet times anymore, and everyone is free to showcase their personality through fashion, and it’s important for designers to listen to what people want and offer that to them. This is certainly the case with camp jewelry. Wouldn’t you agree?