These Different Hat Styles Will Create a World of Hat People

So, you want to be a hat person, huh? This is a world where being fabulous is an everyday thing, where every outfit is completed with a stylish, trendy, or even fancy hat. Before you can join in on the fun of being a hat person, you have to take a small crash course in what kinds of hats there are. Be aware; there’s a lot of them. 

The Baseball Cap

Of course, let’s start with the most recognized hat of all. You don’t have to be going to a ball game to put on this bad boy. The baseball cap is the kind of hat that baseball players wear, but fashion icons can rock them, too.  

These Different Hat Styles Will Create a World of Hat People

The Beret

French, chic, and in-style. The beret can add that bit of je ne sais quoi that your outfit needs. How do you tell it’s a beret? It doesn’t have brims or much structure at all. Instead, it is more of a floppy hat and is made out of wool or knit blend. Classic styles have a nub at the top. 

Fisherman’s Cap

Besides shielding the eyes and skin of fishermen, the cap is also worn by bikers, fiddlers, and everyday fashionistas. It has a bit of a beret-influence, but it has a tiny brim. The design has come back into style recently, and it is definitely a fashion staple. 

The Straw Hat

These Different Hat Styles Will Create a World of Hat People

This isn’t just one kind of hat, it is more of a species. IT is perfect for summer vacations, and more. Straw hats can be small, large, have an extra-wide brim, floppy style, or something different. 

The Visor

You can love them or hate them, but they are back in style. Visors are baseball hats without the crown, and they are ready to protect your face from the sun. They are more of a sporty style or intended for those who like playing tennis since the heat from your head can still escape, but the sun will again be blocked from your face.