Everything Fall Wedding Dreams Are Made Of Is On This List

Fall weddings have been quite a theme lately (and maybe always!), but would you believe we have even more fall wedding advice for you? And this might be the best one yet.

Recently, we’ve had some great ideas for incorporating pumpkins and seasonal menus. Well, this list actually incorporates both – but then offers so much more.

With the fresh color palette of autumn’s warm reds, bright oranges, and pale yellows, there are so many decorative ideas to choose from! And plenty of them can be incorporated right into your table seating for a seamlessly distributed theme. We guarantee you’ll be plucking at least one of these off the list…

Hang Bistro Lights Bistro lights create a magical, romantic ambiance that will make guests feel like their walking through a dream – whether paired with the dusky or moonlit sky, or inside of a rustic building.

Everything Fall Wedding Dreams Are Made Of Is On This List

Set the Mood With Color Make sure once you’ve chosen a palate, you make it into a coherent theme that extends to the florals, the napkins, and wherever else you can fit it in.

Use Colored Candles Taper candles make for such an elegant and whimsical mood-setter – but you can even pick a varied color arrangement to give the theme a third dimension. Going big with candelabras can add an element of class and charm.

Everything Fall Wedding Dreams Are Made Of Is On This List

Make An Installation If you’re devoted enough, taking your tonal and decorative theme and turning it into an epic hanging installation over the head table will take it to the next level.

Use Copper Tableware Rustically elegant copper is the perfect warm metallic tone to complement all of the fall colors that will be popping on your special day.

Incorporate Unique Textures Why does everyone always forget about textures?! Twines, tweeds, suede, knits, and leather all incorporate the colors of the season with elements of nostalgia – and, they’ll be unexpected.

Decorate With Fresh Foliage Foliage like leaves, grasses, and berries are too often forgotten in the hunt for big bold colors and necessities, but they are an easy and beautiful way to celebrate the season and complement its colors.

Add Pumpkins Everything you need to know about fall wedding pumpkins is right here.

Use a Dark Linen Against the other warm hues of a fall wedding, a dark linen is a perfect match. It brings in the beauty of a dark storm without the actual bad weather. We’re thinking dark reds and browns against navy-blue to make all the colors pop. Alternately, if the tables are just too beautiful to cover up, try a banner running down the table with leaf and vine designs stenciled out!

Accentuate with Feathers Bet you wouldn’t have thought of feathers! Somehow everyone forgets, but they can be such a delicately beautiful and unexpected touch. Plus, fake feathers work delightfully!

Provide Comfy Seating Couch-like seating will have your guests getting comfortable – possibly so comfortable that you’ll have to kick them out later, but it’ll be worth it.

Incorporate Snacks! 
From seasonal produce to fresh bread, your guests are going to get hungry looking at the food decorations and nibbling on the snacks available before the real meal deal. Fruits, charcuterie, and a doughy vessel to carry them all will both please the eye and the stomachs of those always-hungry types who can’t enjoy anything on an empty stomach.