What’s More Important in a Handbag – Functionality or Style?

It’s no secret that handbags are one of the hottest fashion accessories, and consumers are expected to spend more than $30 billion on handbags this year alone. However, as much as we love our designer bags, we need to be able to carry them comfortably throughout the day without pain or discomfort. The critical question here is what makes the best handbag? Is it style, functionality, or both?

Handbags: A Functional or Stylish Item?

Handbags are one of the most popular accessories for women. But what makes a good handbag? First, let’s look at the benefits of having a functional handbag. They give you the ability to hold everything you need, from your wallet and phone to snacks on the go; it also provides enough space for all your essentials, and it makes it easier to find things when they’re organized. On the other hand, people prefer their handbags to be fashionable. They like showing off their personalities through how they dress, which includes carrying around a stylish bag. It can make them feel great about themselves and help with self-esteem issues.

Different Types of Handbags

Designer Nikola Bentel introduced a Barilla box-shaped handbag last year, that sold out quickly. On the runways this fall, the shapes of the handbags were a little more avant-garde: Hearst presented a book-shaped bag, and Puppets & Puppets showed a vase-shaped bag. Recently, Italian company Coperni has teamed up with Brooklyn-based design studio Heven for a brain-twisting glass handbag carried by Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Doja Cat. In contrast, JW Anderson has released a realistic pigeon-shaped handbag that has users commenting how badly they want to get their hands on it. Not only that, it turns out most everything and anything can be used as a bag. Singer Rosalía was using a biker helmet as a handbag before the release of her album Motomami earlier this year.