Headbands Are Making a Comeback & Dethroning Handbags

Woman waring a black velvet headband
Headbands Are Making a Comeback & Dethroning Handbags

You probably wore headbands when you were younger, not by choice, but because they had to keep you warm in winter or pamper your birthday outfit, always. In a present-day scenario, however, where it’s likely that your Christmas party will happen over Zoom, you may want to reconsider that underutilized accessory. In fact, headbands have surged in popularity this holiday season, and for good reason. They can make everything look extra chic!

The Return of Headbands Has Been Brewing for a While

Back in April, when most of the world went on lockdown, one London-based PR and communications expert found a way to ‘dress up’ for her Zoom meetings by going through her vintage collection of headbands. Vintage not because they were inherited from a royal, but because she first started wearing them at the age of two. Alexandra even took to Twitter to show her ‘Zoom earrings’ and asked the question of when the headband would become a thing. Well, months later, it has.

Luxury Fashion Brands Re-Introduced Them in 2019

2019 Prada show, models wearing headbands lineup
Headbands Are Making a Comeback & Dethroning Handbags

The 2019 runways definitely did one thing right – they set the stage for the adult headband comeback. A prime example is Prada’s 2019 spring show that featured voluminous padded headbands with a dash of sparkle and many statement-making designs. Given that the world has shifted to ‘shoulder-up video calls,’ it’s safe to assume the reign of the handbag as a key accessory is coming to a close. It could be a temporary shift or a more lasting one that we’re yet to see.

What’s funny with headbands is that some of them are priced like luxurious handbags. Since we mentioned Prada, you can expect to pay anywhere between $320 to $1,100 for a luxurious headband. Made from ribbon, velvet, crystals, pearls, and virtually anything, it seems like headbands are here to stay in the long run.