5 Jewelry Trends This Spring That Will Give Any Fit a Glow Up

Adding jewelry to your wardrobe, from a stack of shiny rings to owning a pair of statement earrings, is always a great idea to transform your look. Such jewelry trends always come from runways or fashion shows that capture the eyes of the viewer. Perhaps it’s time to style your little dress with some of the season’s trendiest accessories.

Brawny Bangles

This season’s motto is — bigger is better — and we agree with it too! With LaQuan Smith’s chunky lucite bangles to the Vhernier Coucher de Sole bronze bracelet, it’s time to invest in something bold, bulky, and extra-large jewelry. These brawny bangles will undeniably be the finest party picks you’ll ever own.

Grandma’s Pearls

Pearls never truly went out of fashion. While classic pearls are still trending, modernized pearls are buzzing the market with their refreshed, sleek, sophisticated designs. They say that, like diamonds, pearls are timeless pieces you’ll never get bored of.

Bicep Cuffs

This trend caught us off-guard in the best possible way. These biceps-hugging bracelets have all of us in awe and make everyone feel the Wonder Woman energy. Many models wore such jewelry from Tory Burch, Bevza, Kim Shui, and Michael Kors. Whatever form of arm flex you like, you’ll certainly be leaving sleeves behind.

Lengthy Earrings

When models walked down the runway show at Proenza Schouler wearing dangling earrings, it added a look of sophistication with a touch of minimalism to their entire fit. These long, lean, and sling spring earrings are here to stay.

Forever Silver

Whilst gold is eternal, sterling silver jewelry is seeing a surge in popularity this season. So, it’s time to swap out your go-to pieces and get cooler-toned silvers, which can be used for daily wear and on special occasions. So, if you are looking for an effortlessly cool look to spice up your look this spring season, it’s time to hit the “Add to cart” button!