Why Linen Sheets are Every Sleeper’s Best Friend

Quality sleep isn’t only about the number of hours of sleep one gets every night. A very important component of a restful slumber is how much comfort the bed and sheets provide. Most households opt for synthetic sheets because of their affordability but that’s rarely a good idea. Synthetic fabrics don’t breathe and can cause a person to perspire and be too warm throughout the night, leading to discomfort. When it comes to quality bedding options, one can never go wrong with natural linen sheets!

The Benefits of Linen Sheets

Why Linen Sheets are Every Sleeper’s Best Friend

One of the most exciting benefits of this bedding is that it’s very light and breathable. This is excellent because it won’t cause a person to perspire or get too warm during the night. Quality linen sheets can feel very soft and luxurious, providing even more comfort. Another perk is that they stay fresh and crisp much longer than some other types of sheets. 

How to Choose The Right One

Depending on the thread count and quality of production, the softness and feel can vary, which is why it’s important to do the necessary research before committing to buying a set of these sheets. They’re available in different colors and designs, so there’s certainly something for everyone. If possible, touching to feel the texture of the different beddings available can really help in making the right choice.

Why Linen Sheets are Every Sleeper’s Best Friend


On average, natural linen bedding can be more expensive than other types of sheets. Many sources say that this cost difference between, for example, linen and cotton sheets, is due to the difficulty of finding the right soil to grow quality flax. Flax is the plant from which linen is made, and it’s more difficult and time-consuming to cultivate than cotton. That’s a big part of why it’s so much more expensive.

Are quality linen sheets worth the extra cost? We certainly believe so! Restful and comfortable sleep does wonders for the body and mind, and that’s something definitely worth investing in! At the very least, seeing what’s available in local stores couldn’t hurt.