Nylon Emerges as the Fashion-Favorite Fabric for Both Apparels and Accessories

When it comes to the fashion world’s love affair with exciting fabrics, Nylon is undeniably one of the most versatile and interesting textiles in fashion history. It’s no surprise that this humble material has secured one of the topmost positions in popularity this year, especially in the styling of accessories and bags. Affordable, sturdy, and water-resistant nylon works wonder for a range of items starting from couture gowns to everyday bags.

The Resurgence

Officially invented in 1938 by French fashion house DuPont, nylon was most associated with the World War II, when tough times called for tough changes in mundane life. During those years, women’s stockings were changed from silk-made to nylon-made, due to the affordability of the latter material. Being easier to clean and wash added to the perks. According to professor of fashion at SCAD, Sarah Collins, the recent resurface of nylon in the fashion market is possibly driven by a similar situation. When humankind is busy waging a war with a global virus, focusing on easy to handle and affordable alternatives have become the viable option to use their funds wisely.

The Accessories

Almost every fashion brand, despite being high or low-end, has embraced nylon bags as the main accessories for the Fall 2021 season. Alexander McQueen’s logo shoulder bag, Sacai’s utilitarian nylon backpack, Miu Miu’s star-spangled padded tote in hot pink and lilac, Marni’s quilted mini tote and small nylon twirl bag, Prada Re-Edition 2000 polka-dot re-nylon shoulder bag, Versace Jeans Couture black nylon buckle bag- the options are truly endless. From exquisite arty design to retro-chic vibe, Nylon can deliver anything you ever asked for! From hair accessories to gloves, suits to sweaters, faux fur coats to puffer jackets, nothing falls short while using the nifty nylon as the fashion-forward fabric.