Tips To Choose The Perfect Winter Scarf That Fits Any Look

Scarves are important, as they are an accessory that can be worn during all seasons, and have a huge effect on an outfit’s overall look. The tough part is, choosing the right kind of scarf, especially when it comes to winter.

There are so many different materials and colors. Do you want a statement scarf? Or do you want something more austere? Most importantly, the scarf does have to keep you nice and warm as well. Here are some thoughts to help make your search for the perfect scarf easier.

One smart purchase you can make is a faux fur scarf. The nice thing about fur is that they have very neutral tones, so they can match with pretty much any outfit. Remember that you can pick the size of the scarf, if you are not comfortable rocking an indulgently large fur.

Another versatile purchase is an infinity scarf. What is nice about these is that they are so easy to wear- and in multiple ways, too. You can wear it loose, or double wrap it, and everything in between, depending on the thickness of the material.

A trend that London designers Osman have been a part of is to wear scarves in a relatively stiff way, as opposed to the gentle way a pashima might fall on the body. However, it is still in style to wear a blanket scarf, which as the name suggests, is almost like tying your blanket around your neck. This style is certainly not classified as stiff, but still can be fashionable (and very warm!).

There is also the option of simply going with an old-school plaid. This works well if you already have a Northeastern, preppy style already. This pattern evinces the traditional picture of fall and winter, and will probably remain timeless.