Piercings Are the Hottest Beauty Accessory for 2020

The latest and greatest beauty trends for 2020 include piercings and not just the basic studs. What you’ve probably noticed while scrolling through your Instagram feed recently is that piercings are definitely having their moment. Do you remember when piercing your ears at the mall kiosks was only kinda cool? Well, in 2020, trends include stacking, layering, and arranging your piercings to get a unique look.

The Hottest Beauty Accessory for 2020

This means multiple studs, double hoops, and even highly-decorated rings. Forget classic or cookie-cutter piercings. The trends are all about finding your own vibe and style, or in other words, customization. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow some basic guidelines or use them to get inspiration.

Customizing your ear means that no area is off-limits – it’s a blank canvas. Keep in mind that everyone’s anatomy is different and an industrial piercing can look cute on your friend, but it might not work for your ear shape. You can test the spot using clip-ons, cuffs, or stickers.

Piercings Are the Hottest Beauty Accessory for 2020

To fully customize your ear, you will need multiple sessions – it can’t happen all at once. A lot of piercers recommend doing about 2 or 3 holes during each session so the area can fully heal.

There are numerous piercing shops popping up all over cities. You no longer have to go to the sketchy stores in the mall. Many of these shops focus only on piercings and are quite affordable, like Studs in New York City.

Attention: nose piercings look good on everyone. Not only is it trending right now, but it’s also one that everyone can pull off in some way. People are even going for multiple holes in one nostril, doing stud-and-hoop combinations, or going for an even symmetrical look.

Piercings Are the Hottest Beauty Accessory for 2020

A septum ring is also popular. In fact, many celebrities like Willow Smith and Zoë Kravitz have them because they are easy to hide by pushing it gently up and around your nostrils.