Easy Solutions to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry

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You surely would hate it if your priced silver jewelry started to tarnish and get off-color, right? The fact is, silver jewelry is prone to get blackened, when exposed to the elements of the environment such as air, moisture, and light. And there’s nothing you can do. Wait, actually there is something you can do about it! Just read on to find out.

The Fastest Way

This one is an easy and quick DIY solution to save your silver jewelry. You just need a bowl of warm water, mixed with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid, and a soft brush. First, place your blackened silver jewelry in the water and soap mixture for up to five minutes. This will allow the silver to soak up. Then clean rub them clean with a brush, reaching all nooks and crannies, rinse off well, and then dry with a microfiber cloth.

The Most Effective Way

This one happens to be the most fun way, too! This process is used to reverse the chemical reaction, which has caused the silvers to tarnish. You have to do a little kitchen experiment here by using baking soda and aluminum foil and follow these simple steps:

• Step 1- Grab the bowl where you are going to put your jewelries to clean. Then line the inside of the bowl with an aluminum foil sheet, with the reflective side facing up.

• Step 2- Now place the silver jewelries inside the foil-lined bowl.

• Step 3- Boil some water and pour it in the bowl until the jewelries are fully covered.

• Step 4- Sprinkle some baking soda in the bowl of water. The ratio should be 1 tablespoon of soda per cup of water.

• Step 5- Allow the jewelries to soak in the solution for few minutes.

• Step 6- Now, carefully remove the jewelries from the hot water and rinse off under cool water.

• Step 7- Just dry off with a microfiber cloth and you will get back your clean and shiny silvers.