How To Choose The Watch That Matches Your Look

Buying a watch is not about answering the question “does it work?” but rather about making a statement with this ubiquitous accessory. After all, we all have smart phones in our pockets, and no longer need them for function, but still need them for form. A good watch can be the accent mark on an outfit that takes it to the next level. There are many factors to consider before roaming into your local jeweler’s shop.

When it comes to watches, the shape is everything. Of course, everyone pictures a watch as a circle, as they round gears inside, and the circular arc of the timekeeping aspect of the watch made it necessary for early watches to be in that shape. It probably evolved from the predecessor to wristwatches, pocket watches. You can choose to get a square shape, which is a bit masculine, or you could choose a classy rectangle. Also, there is the oval or curved option for those who do not like the rigid, strict feel of straight lines.

For men, most watches are stainless steel, and have that silver shine. For women, however, gold is in, including a tinted pink or rose gold, rather than just the classic yellow gold. For a more casual option, you could go for a ceramic watch, which is trendy these days.

Something that is absolutely crucial to consider is the strap of the watch. If the watch is the pendant, the strap is the bracelet. The choice between a leather strap (which, by the way, could be tan or black or anything in between), to a metallic or bejeweled strap, is huge. The whole character of the accessory falls on the strap. Leather says classy, but is less durable than jewels. Overall, the most important thing is to trust your gut when deciding.