Here’s How You Can Wear a Headscarf Like a Pro

Headscarves have found their way back into every girl’s wardrobe – and might we say, we are very, very happy about the same. They make for a cute little addition to the outfit – and if we are honest, serves a very, very practical purpose – it protects your hair from all the dirt and pollution and guards against all the wear tear that happens because of the climate.

The Hustle of Wearing the Headscarf

A headscarf can turn any outfit into a chic little assemble – and if you are having a bad hair day, then they turn out to be a blessing in disguise. They are a must-have if you are going on a holiday. But here’s the deal – wearing a silk scarf is a challenge that only a few have seem to concur. Tying up a scarf around your head is an art and a difficult one at that. The process of folding the silk square into a triangle and tying it up at the nape is exhausting. Plus, they leave behind a bulky knot, and even the slightest moment can turn things around. But what if someone told you that there’s a way to leave behind all the worries involved in wearing the headscarf, and you can don beautiful scarves like a pro with an easy hack? Keep reading to know more.

Easy Trick to Wearing a Headscarf

Fret no more – here’s a secret tip that can turn you into a pro at wearing a headscarf. Start wearing a pre-tied headscarf. Much like a pre-tied bowtie, headscarves now come in a pre-tied version that takes away all the fuss involved in wearing them. The pre-tied headscarves come in already cut-up triangles – so there’s no extra fabric, with elastic bands – so you don’t have to worry about tying any kind of knot. Some even have decoy fabric strings that give an impression of a tied-up knot. So next time you find yourself on holiday, instead of carrying the burden of tying the perfect knot, carry beautiful pre-tied headscarves.