Worst Things To Wear While Driving

Unfortunately, the majority of us aren’t wealthy enough to have our own drivers yet, and while a lot of us rely on things like taxis or Uber to get around in a city, a lot of us are still stuck having to do the driving thing more often than not. While we hope and pray that the future of autonomous cars comes quicker than we expect, so that we can rest, recline, and even get dressed on the way to work in our cars, frankly, this idea is still pretty far from reality.

So in the meantime, we have to worry about all the little things while driving. Things like avoiding reading those text messages while we’re driving, creating the perfect on-the-road playlist, and even what to wear while driving.

Now, men, in general, don’t have much to worry about when it comes to this as men’s clothes are generally designed to be more practical than women’s. This is pretty annoying and while we can’t all wear overalls and a T-shirt to work (regardless of how fashionable you might be able to make the look seem), the fact is that women have to make a few style decisions before getting behind the wheel.

In most cases, we’re likely to be driving to work in the morning. Because of this, most women are likely to wear things like high-heel mules, short skirts, and sandals in hot weather because of the semi-casual professional look that they offer. However, when you’re on the road – these are all a big no-no! Mules with low backstraps are likely to come off while driving, mini skirts restrict your movement terribly, and sandals have an annoying knack for getting lost behind the pedals of your car (especially when driving).

You’ll also want to avoid things like thick, clumpy scarves, wide belts, too many layers, and stiff leather jackets. We know it’s a hassle to have to restrict your wardrobe based on the fact that you’re a driver, but it makes your life and that of those around you a lot safer! Better to be safe than sorry, it might be more than the fashion police you have to deal with!