Fashion Looks Inspired By Taylor Swift’s New Video For Me

When we heard that Queen Tay-Tay was releasing new music, we just couldn’t contain our excitement. In fact, our neighbor had to knock on our door to make sure we were still alive. Although we’re still trying to find all of the hidden clues within her music video for “Me,” there is one thing we know for certain. Yes, Taylor Swift has some style, girl! This new release is iconic in terms of the song and the performance, but her outfits really stole the show for us.

Fashion Looks Inspired By Taylor Swift’s New Video For Me

Pastels Are Perfection

You don’t need to look too hard to realize that Taylor Swift’s “Me” music video is all about the pastels. I mean, it’s like a pastel factory basically just vomited on the screen, and we kinda love it. Pastels have always been a great Spring trend, and T-Swizzle has just highlighted this fact. The best thing about pastel colors is that they can come in all shapes and sizes. You can keep it girly with a pastel dress, or you can mix it up a bit with a pastel power suit.

Tie-Dye For

If you didn’t already know, tie-dye is SO IN this season. Yes, if you haven’t got any tie-dye in your life right now, then you need to change that. Although it wasn’t a huge theme within Taylor Swift’s music video, there’s no doubt about the fact that this trend made an appearance at the end. That’s probably because Taylor and her team knows what’s up in the fashion world, and she just couldn’t resist a tie-dye touch.

Fashion Looks Inspired By Taylor Swift’s New Video For Me

Ruffles Everywhere

Let’s be honest; we didn’t think it would be possible for us to fall in love with Taylor Swift than we already were. However, when we spotted her pink ruffled gown as she sat on the roof and played around with a few umbrellas, we were shook. This gown was full of tulle ruffles, and it proved that too much is just never enough. If you feel as though you’re wearing too many ruffles this spring, then you’re wrong.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift needs to take a bow. Not only has she won us over with her new song and music video, but she’s proven once again that she is a style icon. We’re totally copying all of these looks.