Frankies Bikinis Are the Swimwear Brand Celebs Are Loving Right Now

Just in case you haven’t been spending your days endlessly scrolling through Instagram and seeing how the other half lockdown, there has been some serious bikini content going on recently. With celebs being forced to spend their days in their mansions, they finally have the chance to enjoy the hot weather and the fact that they’re lucky enough to have a pool. Of course, lounging in the sun and taking a dip requires some sort of swimwear, and it seems as though our favorite celebs are loving Frankies Bikinis.

Enjoying The Sunshine

While everyone is going through a hard time at the moment, there’s no doubt about the fact that celebs have got the better end of the stick. Sure, they might not be able to attend Hollywood parties or get started on their brand new movie, but they seem to be making the most of the fact that their mansions come complete with a pool – or two. Over the past few weeks, the likes of Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie, and more have been posting some serious thirst traps on their social media feeds, and many of them feature bikinis from one specific brand.

Something For Everyone

Frankies Bikinis was founded by 25-year-old Francesca Aiello, who is pretty happy with the amount of celebrity attraction that she’s getting – but that’s not the reason she created the brand. This lady wanted to create an all-inclusive swimwear brand that would feature countless different styles and affordable pieces. Most of these items are less than $100, and they are making sure that everything is ready-to-wear, and ready to be worn by people no matter their size. Of course, there is one issue with how great Frankies Bikinis is, and that’s the fact that they keep selling out.

Fingers crossed we’ll get our hands on one of these awesome swimsuits soon.