The Woman Who High Kicked On The SAG Awards Carpet? Zoe Bell.

The SAG Awards is a ceremony that is hosted every year to recognize the outstanding performances in both film and prime-time television. This year, the carpet was filled with some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, but as always, some stood out more than others. Zoe Bell, a Hollywood stuntwoman and actress, definitely showed she was in attendance. In fact, she stole the spotlight.

The Woman Who High Kicked On The SAG Awards Carpet? Zoe Bell.

And the Paparazzi Go Wild…

Just like any other award show, the glitz and glamour on the carpet were incredible. However, one star seemed to steal the attention from the rest of the stars. Zoe Bell, who is originally from New Zealand, performed a truly impressive high kick while wearing stilettos. She went for a high kick compared to the traditional hand-oh-hip stance that most other celebrities and fashion icons go for. The paparazzi were definitely into it.

Bell’s outfit made an impressive pose on the red carpet that much better. The high kick was unexpected, and she definitely set the bar high with the outfit. Zoe stood out beautifully while showing off her fighting skills in a gorgeous white wrap dress that was designed by Leave Her Wilder, a bridesmaid’s and resort-wear label.

The look was paired nicely with gold jewelry by Cathy Pope Jewellery, a gold clutch, along with clear PVC stiletto sandals. She stood in them while kicking one of her legs well above her head.

The Woman Who High Kicked On The SAG Awards Carpet? Zoe Bell.

Bell’s Work in Hollywood

Even if you may not be familiar with her name, you have likely seen some of her work. Zoe Bell has been in many films directed by Quentin Tarantino, including a recent one, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. She has even served as Uma Thurman’s stunt double in the movie Kill Bill. Zoe has also had a leading role in the film Death Proof, another one directed by Tarantino.