The Jeans The Royals Love To Love

Although most people assume that those in the royal family wear fancy gowns and suits all day, every day, that just isn’t the case. When they are attending more casual events or just hanging out with their family, the ladies in particular love to dress down and embrace the wonderful world of denim. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have made no secret of the fact that they love wearing jeans on a regular basis, but which ones are the royals favorite?

The Jeans The Royals Love To Love

The Distressed Jean

Distressed jeans are hugely popular around the world, but we bet you didn’t realize that royals also love to rock a distressed denim. From slits in the knees to frayed cuffs, Meghan Markle has worn distressed jeans on numerous occasions. She normally pairs these jeans with a white or colored shirts that adds that extra bit of class.

The Classic High-Rise

Kate Middleton is a huge fan of these jeans. Not only does it amplify her tiny waistline, but these jeans also add an element of comfort to an item that can often be uncomfortable if worn for too long. When Kate dons these classic high-rise jeans, she normally does so with a turtleneck that’s covered by a smart blazer.

The Jeans The Royals Love To Love

The Dark Wash Straight Leg

Although many of the royal women love to wear denim jeans, they also love to wear dark wash jeans – as they’re just that little bit smarter. Meghan and Kate have both been spotted wearing these straight leg jeans on numerous occasions, as they can be couples with blazers, boots, and other accessories that take the focus away from their legs and to their overall outfit.

The royal family are known for wearing the best clothing on the market, and it seems as though they just can’t get enough of these amazing jeans. Do you have them in your closet?