Kendall Jenner Can’t Get Enough of This Chic ‘Grandpa’ Outfit

Kendall Jenner

No matter how full your wardrobe gets, you probably have a habit of reaching out for the same pair of jeans and sweatshirts come wintertime. And how can you not? It’s just cozy, and you feel great in your skin wearing that outfit. Well, it seems model Kendall Jenner isn’t much different than the rest of us as she too loves re-wearing certain outfits head-to-toe. She recently stepped out sporting the ‘grandpa outfit’ she previously wore, and we can’t get enough of it.

Kendall Jenner & Her Grandpa Outfit

Dubbed the ‘grandpa outfit,’ this cute preppy combination the Victoria’s Secret angel wore is every bit amazing and timelessly stylish. When she went out and about in NYC sporting a white turtleneck under a brown loose sweater, loafers, and beige khaki pants, she immediately gave off some serious grandpa vibes, but definitely in a good way. Kendall Jenner’s 90s twist looked both casual and super elegant thanks to the layering, earth tones, and lug-sole shoes she chose to pair with them all.

Kendall Jenner sporting her beloved grandpa outfit for the second time outside

Her whole ensemble was strangely familiar though, and not because it borrowed ideas from the disco era, but because she had worn it before. Just a few weeks prior, on Nov. 20, Kendall sported the same outfit while out in Brooklyn. She even paired it with the same face mask. Given that Jenner just got back from a Lake Tahoe getaway vacation, it makes perfect sense why she’d want something comfy and reliable to wear.

Today’s Top Trends Are Borrowed From Our Elders

There’s no second opinion about it: most modern fashion trends bear the resemblance of past styles, and some are direct copies of the classics. Think mom jeans, dad shirts, grandpa blazers, even 80s headbands. Much like Kendal Jenner, other well-known women like Kate Middleton have also sported such outfits. The Duchess is no stranger to repurposing gowns and everyday wear.