Kim Kardashian’s Five Go-To Makeup Products

Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian always looks so fresh and glowy? We do too! With all the new outfits and shoes she switches up daily,  it’s rather difficult to keep tabs on what new clothing brands she’s wearing and what makeup she’s rocking.

Although we’d expect a celebrity like Kim Kardashian to call upon her team every day, it turns out the reality star does actually take time out of her busy schedule to do her own makeup. According to Kim, it takes her between 5-10 minutes to complete her everyday look and that includes everything from baking to contouring.

Kim’s appearance certainly isn’t low-key, but we can’t blame her for wanting to go hard or go home, right? Her bold makeup look includes a variety of products, some of which can even be purchased at your local pharmacy. Here are five superstar products Kimmy just can’t live without.

Neutrogena Night Calming Cleansing Towelettes

This is not the first time that Kim has professed her love for these miracle-working Neutrogena face wipes. Kim makes sure to wash her face twice a day – once in the morning and once before she hits the sack, but she also uses these cleansing wipes prior to applying her makeup.

Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter

Kim dabs a bit of Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter across the high points of her face before applying her foundation. She suggests blending the product in your hand before applying it to your face, to ensure an even and natural glow.

Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Tinted Cream

Before applying her tinted cream, Kim makes sure to start off her makeup look with a shimmery base, which she blends into her face to achieve the perfect glow. She then applies a layer of the Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Tinted Cream, which she admits to being obsessed with.

Beauty Blender

This sponge has become widely popular among beauty gurus and makeup artists in recent years, and Kim is also a fan. She uses the sponge to blend in her face products and suggests slightly wetting it before use, in order to avoid an unwanted cakey finish.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Considering how Kim is always glowing, it makes sense that she uses more than one highlighter to achieve her look. If you want to shine this beauty queen,  use the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and you’ll also be a glowing goddess.