Kim Kardashian’s New Flashing Lights Makeup Collection Is Brilliant

Kylie Jenner may get all of the buzz surrounding her self-named makeup collection, but Kim has a line of her own, and she’s ready to make a splash. Her newest KKW Beauty collection was released in honor of her 38th birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited. Kim decided to forgo the frills that Kylie usually employs in her special collections. Instead, the entire celebration has been focused on the makeup itself, which should be apparent in a name like Flashing Lights.

The collection includes 14 different eyeshadows, all of which are imbued with bright colored pigments. You can choose between a loose or pressed powder formula depending on your makeup preferences. Never one to be conventional, Kim didn’t just choose a range of glittery metallic colors for her line. Flashing Lights makes use of a number of vibrant shades, from bright pinks to stunning purples, all of which come packed with plenty of glitter.

According to Refinery 29, the pigments in the collection are intense, even if you only use your finger to apply them, though some of the testers warned that some shades were particularly glittery, to the extent that they left sparkles behind long after the eyeshadows had been put away. Most of them noted that the shadow itself was soft and silky, applying smoothly to their lids.

A press release for the collection reads, “The Flashing Lights Pressed Powder Pigments glide on effortlessly and provide a pearlized color finish. They can be used wet or dry, with brushes or fingers, depending on the desired intensity. The Flashing Lights Loose Powder Pigments are the secret to a blinding glow. These powders are buildable and perfect for layering. They can be applied wet or dry with fingers or a brush to sweep over cheekbones, high points of the face and body for your desired glow.”