KKW Beauty Launches Kim Kardashian Mascara On Black Friday

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Between all the crazy deals and sales that were going on during Black Friday, the worst one to miss was plainly the new mascara launched by Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty that day.

It’s being sold as part of a collection called the Glam Bible Smokey Volume 1, which also includes a six-shade eyeshadow palette, brick-colored blush, a gold highlighter, false eyelashes, a black pencil eyeliner, a peach lipliner, two peach-colored lipsticks, a powder puff, and a makeup sponge. The whole thing will cost $150, so if you want just the mascara, you also can also buy it separately for $18.

The idea behind the Glam Bible is to be a “one-stop-shop” to recreate Kim’s sultry looks, with the mascara providing you with “an intense black that creates fuller and thicker lashes with just one coat.”

So while it’s unknown exactly what’s in the mascara formula (sugar and spice and all things nice?), by the look of things, this product is going to give you those thick, voluminous eyelashes you’ve been dreaming about. Just look at Kim Kardashian wearing the mascara.

“This is the Holy Grail for all my beauty needs,” Kim said. “I wanted everyone to have access to the products and tools you need to recreate some of my favorite looks, and there’s no better time to treat yourself or your loved ones than the Holidays!”

Besides being a beautiful and skilled businesswoman, it’s so reassuring to see Kim care so much about the rest of our well-being during this special season. You may have missed your best opportunity to buy it, but it’s still only $150. For a collection of absolute necessities for any girl who wants to recreate that Kardashian look, that’s quite a steal!

All of this is available exclusively on kkwbeauty.com, so be quick and get yours before supplies run out!