Meghan Markle’s Signature Styles

Let’s face it – since American actress and model, Meghan Markle, tied the knot with Prince Harry, she instantaneously transformed into 2018’s most influential beauty icon and, consequently, the biggest female face of the press. Following the royal wedding, it didn’t take long for women around the world to wonder how she maintains her seemingly effortless glow and chic allure.

Beyond the natural gift of bronzed skin and freckles galore, Meghan repeats certain cosmetic trends in order to maintain a fresh and flawless look. If you’re dying to discover these go-to beauty secrets and hacks, you’ll just have to read on!

Shimmer Draping

Although the Duchess of Sussex appears to have naturally clear skin, she does, however, use simple cosmetic tricks to create the illusion of a perfect complexion.  Shimmer draping is a trick that has been developed over the years, where you contour by blending blush from the temples up to the cheekbones. Meghan uses a shimmery blush to achieve a glittery appearance and all we can say is shimmy-yeah!

Replacing Black Eyeliner With Brown

Meghan Markle has recently spilled one of her most treasured beauty secrets and it’s genius! In order to achieve a smokey effect and make her eyes pop, she uses MAC’s Teddy eyeliner, which is brown with pigments of gold. She smudges it across her upper lid and on the outer corners of her lower lash line to create a natural, yet sultry look. This girl is smoking – pun intended!

Inner-Eye Highlight

Meghan applies dabs of highlight to the inner corners of her eye in order to brighten and enhance her deep-set eyes. This trick is subtle but goes a long way if you want to a achieve a glowy, doe-eyed effect. Meghan says “A touch of shimmer powder adds brightness and sparkle. Even if I have no makeup on, I’m likely to apply concealer and a bit of shimmer to the corners of my eye.”  Go get that sparkle, Markle!