Newest Metallic Pat McGrath Makeup Shimmers On Chrissy Teigan And Hailey Baldwin

Pat McGrath has done it again with her newest line of makeup. She is known to be one of the most daring and significant makeup artists ever. This makes sense as she herself says, “I want to change how people think about makeup, and disrupt the status quo.” This time, she has taken her previous inspiration from gold and has expanded it to other shimmering metals. The collection is called Metalmorphosis 005.

McGrath has always taken inspiration from strange sources. Beyond metals, she finds feathers and cloth inspiring. “I’m influenced a lot by the fabrics I see,” she revealed. Her first product to ever come out of her company, Pat McGrath Labs, was Gold 001, and it became so popular that now Sephora carries her brands. The Metalmorphosis 005 kit actually contains Gold 001, but also has new colors (copper, silver, and bronze) that pop like its predecessor.

Because the pigments are shiny, garish, and daring, it seems intimidating. However, the way Pat put it together makes it relatively easy to apply. “What’s great about this kit is that no, you don’t need to be the best, number-one makeup artist in the world to put the silver on the inner corners of your eyes or on your cupid’s bow or on your lashline or just smear it onto your lids,” McGrath explains.

Celebrities have already taken to wearing the products on the red carpet. Model Chrissy Teigan wore the new bronze at the recommendation of her makeup artist Mary Phillips. Teigan looked stunning, and Chrissy herself thanked Pat and gushed about the product, saying, “I feel so pretty!”

Hailey Baldwin also wore Metalmorphosis 005, choosing to wear the classic Gold 001 on both her lips and eyes. This new kit is the next big thing out of Pat McGrath Labs, and we cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.