A Very Pregnant Rihanna Pairs Low-Rise Jeans With a T-Shirt

It seems that sometimes, even Rihanna likes to keep it casual. Recently, she has appeared in public wearing one of the most normal outfits in America – jeans and a T-shirt. This came as a surprise to her fans because of her daring fashion statements in recent months.

Rihanna Showed Off Her Jeans, T-Shirt, and Growing Bump On Instagram

A Pregnant Rihanna In Jeans and T-Shirt Rihanna took to social media, where she showed off a pretty pink lip color that is part of her Fenty Beauty line. She also gave her followers a peek at her growing bump, which she had dressed in low-rise denim and a graphic tee. Rihanna and her boyfriend, ASAP Rocky, are currently expecting their first child. The singer recently revealed that she was in her third trimester. She also opened up about parenting lessons she received from the Real Housewives.

Rihanna Was Using Her Passion for Fashion to Pump Herself Up

Rihanna mentioned how Heather Dubrow was very chic while being a mom, and she loved the way she allowed her kids to be themselves. She stated that this was inspiring to her, and apparently, the feeling is mutual for Dubrow, who wrote on Instagram that she was totally fangirling over Rihanna.

A pregnant Rihanna attending an event in lingerie

Recently, Rihanna also explained how she was using fashion to pump herself up, especially during the days when being pregnant was getting more taxing. She said that being pregnant sometimes had her wanting to just lay on a couch all day, but when she would put on some makeup, she would transform. She added that putting some clothes on was also refreshing because she would see she looked good and start feeling good. She also pointed out that she’d heard that would be the case for a very long time, but now realized it was true and had a real effect in that it could get her up off the couch and make her feel better.

It certainly seems that Rihanna is having the time of her life being pregnant with her first child and fans can look forward to seeing and hearing more from her in the coming months.