Princess Beatrice Is Leading the Way for Recycled Fashion

Despite the fact that lockdown squashed her extravagant wedding plans, Princess Beatrice finally married the man of her dreams in July 2020. This may not have been the day that she had hoped for, but it was clear to see that she was over the moon to finally call Edoardo Mozzi her husband – and she looked absolutely stunning on her big day. What most people haven’t realized, though, is the fact that the Princess officially became the Queen of recycled fashion on the day that she tied the knot.

Looking Her Best

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and there’s no doubt about the fact that Princess Beatrice stunned everyone with her bridal look. She looked absolutely immaculate as she posed for photos with her new husband, and while most people were focused on the love between the newlywed couple, there were others who couldn’t quite take their eyes off her dress and her accessories. This was not just because they were beautiful, but also because they looked pretty familiar…

Recycling Her Wardrobe

In a world where fast fashion and the fashion world are coming under fire for their environmental impact, it seems as though everyday people aren’t the only ones making sustainable changes. For her wedding day, Princess Beatrice decided to ask her grandmother – the Queen – whether she could wear one of her old dresses. While she made it her own by adjusting the hemline and adding some sleeves, that’s exactly what she did. She didn’t buy a new dress, and she didn’t ask a famous designer to make something new for her. However, it didn’t end there. According to reports, Beatrice also borrowed one of her grandmother’s tiaras and wore shoes that she has had in her closet for years and worn countless times in the past.

How amazing is that? Hopefully, Beatrice can inspire more people to recycle their wardrobes.