Why Rihanna Is Focusing More On Fashion Than Her Music

Rihanna doesn’t have to do much to sell her music. Across eight albums, she’s shifted more than 280 million records and singles, establishing her as one of the world’s most successful recording artists. Yet, despite her immense fame in the music industry, it’s been several years since we’ve heard anything from her. Although new tunes are in the works, the singer has spent more time focusing on her fashion line – why is that?

Why Rihanna Is Focusing More On Fashion Than Her Music

Not A One-Trick Pony

Ever since she burst onto the scene all those years ago, Rihanna made it clear she wasn’t just here to sing songs. She’s always wanted to branch out into other ventures, including in the fashion industry. She started having an impact with her clothing and make-up lines in the early 2010s, and it was only a few years before she took the world by storm. As a result, her music went on the backburner.

A Successful Venture

Rihanna’s first seven albums were released in the space of seven years, but things have slowed down massively since then. We’ve only had one record for the best part of a decade because the singer has been too focused on other projects to hit the studio. Her fashion work, in particular, has really shone over the last few years. From make-up to lingerie, she’s explored as many avenues as possible, and each one has sold incredibly well.

Why Rihanna Is Focusing More On Fashion Than Her Music

Worth The Effort

Rihanna’s fashion lines are typically more successful than those of her competitors. Why? Well, not only is the singer relatable, but her products are often diverse and affordable, with emphasis placed on the customers. Rihanna doesn’t just put time into her various lines because she wants to make money, but because she’s here to empower women through clothing and make-up. She’s helped people with her words; now she wants to do the same with her looks.

Biding Her Time

Rihanna’s sound has shifted recently from catchy R&B pop songs to more complex music with deeper lyrics. As a result, she’s stopped pumping out albums year after year so she can ensure each release has a significant cultural impact. So, while it might seem like she’s prioritizing fashion over music right now, she’s actually just taking time to perfect her new album.

Rihanna wants to dominate as many industries as possible. She’s already achieved that with music; now it’s time for her to take over fashion.