Shay Mitchell Has Launched Her Own Travel Accessories Brand

She was one of the stars on the hit series, Pretty Little Liars, but now Shay Mitchell is trying something new. As a person who is used to travel due to work commitments, press events, and personal vacations, Shay Mitchell has become somewhat of a pro.

With a desire to continue traveling in a more comfortable manner, learning what she’s been missing all this time, Mitchell has taken it into her own hands to do that.


Mitchell explained that she had never found a brand that delivers truly on functional traveling with a reasonable price tag. Therefore, this millennial-aged influencer is now giving herself, as well as others, the ability to do just that.

The Canadian native has launched her own travel-focused brand, which is named BÉIS, and she stands as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the brand. With a great knowledge for traveling, Mitchell has used her expertise in designing the products exactly how she sees fit.


She describes the brand as “providing purposeful organization” merged with “timeless style and [a] desire for functional staples.” As a style icon, the aesthetic was, of course, important for Mitchell, but she also included a selection of travel essentials that really shine in her pieces.

Currently, there are seven styles in the collection which has become available online at Nordstrom and BeisTravel, and there is one unexpected standout. That is the makeup bag which includes a double-sided brush holder and a removable mirror, which is perfect when you are on the go.


With the attention to detail given on these pieces, they are sure to resonate with like-minded millennial travelers, and prices run from $12-$83, making it more affordable than many travel luggage brands.

Moreover, alongside its launch, BÉIS announced that it will be teaming up with Girls Up, a UN Foundation organization which supports female empowerment and education, giving young girls support on becoming leaders in the movement for gender equality. Therefore, for every BÉIS product purchased, the brand will be donating a portion of their proceeds to the global leadership development initiative.