The Life Changing Hair Product That Victoria Beckham Swears By

Victoria Beckham is one of the most influential women in the fashion world. Sure, she may have left her Spice Girls days behind her, but that hasn’t stopped this icon from expanding her talent and becoming an in-demand fashion designer. Thanks to this, everyone wants to know about her fashion and beauty secrets. How does she choose her outfits in the morning? What makeup does she use? How does she keep her skin so smooth? And most importantly, how does she keep her hair so straight when she’s traveling?

The Life Changing Hair Product That Victoria Beckham Swears By

Traveling In Style

As one of the most celebrated fashion designers in the world, Victoria Beckham is constantly jetting off across the world and traveling from one country to the other. Although most of us look like we have been dragged through a hedge backward when we come off long-haul flights, VB never seems to have this issue. She always looks polished to perfection, and her hair is always shiny and smooth. So, how does she do it?

Taking To Instagram

It seems as though Victoria Beckham has acknowledged the fact that her fans need answers, and has finally given us the information we need to recreate her chic travel style. The fashion designer and former Posh Spice took to Instagram to share her secrets and noted that her sleek hair was all thanks to one particular product that she just couldn’t live without.

The Life Changing Hair Product That Victoria Beckham Swears By

The Ultimate Straighteners

Within this video, VB noted that she was looking for a pair of straighteners that she could take on a plane. This obviously meant that they couldn’t be plugged in, but she still wanted them to get “nice and hot.” After trying out numerous different options, Victoria realized that none of them got quite as hot as she liked. So, this meant that she couldn’t straighten her hair before stepping off the plane. However, things all changed when she came across Balmain’s Universal Cordless Straightener. Since buying these, she has noted that her traveling hair game has completely changed. She was even impressed with the “nice little bag” that came with the straighteners.

If you want to look like VB, you might want to invest in some straighteners. Unfortunately, we don’t know how your commercial flight attendants will feel about you whipping out your hot plates just before landing…