Why Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Wash Her Jeans, And Nor Should You

It is always that question in your head after buying a new pair of jeans which asks: ‘Should I wash these yet?’ Since it is known that denim can fade, the color can run, and the shape can be completely changed, it is not always the most simple of questions to answer.


People who are serious about their jeans seem to have a theory that they should avoid the washing machine when it comes to cleaning their jeans. Rather, they choose to place their pants in the freezer, to hand wash them, or hang them out to dry.

Then there is the fashionista and global phenomenon that is Victoria Beckham. Since she has her own fashion empire, we’re going to listen to what she has to say.


After showcasing her Victoria Victoria Beckham collection at London Fashion Week, she told Elle that she only washed her jeans “if the kids spill [something on them], then I have to wash them, obviously, but even then it’s only on cold wash.”

Otherwise, Beckham is certain with her decision that “normally, no, I just don’t wash them at all. I normally hang my jeans up, to be honest with you, to keep the shape.”


During her latest collection, the designer’s offerings included flares, girlfriend jeans, skinny jeans, and light-wash jeans that can “cuff or wear straight.” Beckham admitted that her upcoming collection has a “bit of a cowgirl feel,” which is why jeans were all the rage at the show.

Victoria offers more tips too, stating that wearing jeans goes perfectly with a statement T-shirt and sunglasses. “You could say I’m slightly obsessed with sunglasses?! Wearing glasses all the time, I like to say I’m in a dark but happy place,” which is the quote on the statement tee she has been sporting on her Instagram.