Zendaya’s New Haircut Is Something Only the Chicest of the Chic Can Pull Off

Instagram // @hair.by.genemarie

You know how superhero movies have a character put on glasses and, suddenly, no one recognizes them as a superhero? We all think that’s ridiculous, right? Well, get ready to change your tune! Zendaya has a new haircut, and we barely recognize her now.

Zendaya’s New Hair Debut

Zendaya showed up to Schiaparelli’s spring-summer 2024 show for Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris with a jellyfish haircut, which is essentially a dramatic, heavily layered shag. The top section resembles a bowl cut, as it’s short and round, while the bottom section is left long. The long layers resemble tentacles, which is how the jellyfish haircut got its name.

Should You Try It?

Like most out-of-the-box looks, the jellyfish haircut can be absolutely stunning or incredibly unfortunate looking. So, it’s best to make sure this cut is for you before taking the plunge. Stylist Dan Williams calls the style “niche, artsy, and experimental.” Stylist Raven Hurtado has similar feelings about the haircut. “​​This look is trending because it’s a gender-neutral style and it’s very edgy, artistic, and creative. It’s like having short and long hair at the same time. This cut is also perfect if you want to experiment with color for an extra bold playful style and show off your personality.”

Instagram // @attabasuki

If that sounds good to you, then go for it!