4 Accounts to Follow For Anyone Grieving Tokyo Fashion Week 2020

Tokyo Fashion Week 2020 was officially canceled, but Tokyo fashion will never be. Fortunately, if you’re interested in seeing the upcoming Fall 2020 collections, you can still do so. The collections will be available through look books and live-streaming platforms on the Internet.

4 Accounts to Follow For Anyone Grieving Tokyo Fashion Week 2020

Each season, the streets of Tokyo overflow with bold and new fashion. Tokyo is one of the only places where you can see rainbow-haired Harajuku locals in high platform shoes, flamboyant beauties that pair fluorescent combat boots with tutus, and artists that dress up in homemade outfits.

To enjoy the new fashion trends and styles in person, people will have to wait until next season. However, people can still see the new collections as they scroll through their Instagram feeds.

4 Accounts to Follow For Anyone Grieving Tokyo Fashion Week 2020

Here are the accounts you should follow:

Tokyo Fashion (@tokyofashion)

This is the official source for all street style-related trends. Tokyo Fashion often contributes to Vogue’s annual Fashion Week portfolio with eye-catching looks. The photos posted on this account include people dressed in chic clothes along with everything happening in the city that is related to clothing.

Nina Utashiro (@ninautashiro)

Nina was born in Japan and raised in New York from age 16. She is a musician, editor, and stylist. Her Instagram feed reflects her genuinely creative style. She shares her latest spreads from her own magazine – Pertichor, along with her music under the name Thirteen13.

Wheelchair Fashion (@wheelchair_fashion)

The person behind the account is Keita Tokunaga who is a disability activist. He uses his social media account to counter the stereotypes related to disability and tries to help make fashion more inclusive.

Dice-K (@nuga.jp)

Dice-K is a designer, and there is no one quite like him. On Instagram, he is known for posting his explorations of extraterrestrial glam, elf ears, vampirism, angel wings, and performance art. GlamHate is his brand where he channels those ideas paired with streetwear and a gothic edge.