Here’s what you need to know about Louis Vuitton’s cruise show

Louis Vuitton’s exotic choice of locations for its fashion shows has often made the headlines. Even this year, the fashion house strikes again with its latest collection by showcasing the collection 3.2 km outside the French capital city, at a place called Axe Majeure. The picturesque view starts at the Cergy village overlooking the breath-taking scenery of Paris. Moving ahead, the path slowly leads to an island located in the valley close to the river Oise.

The Brains Behind the Location

Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière is known to select the best destinations for his work. What makes things even more beautiful is how he uses the area in question creatively and innovatively. Even this time, Nicolas took the show’s backdrop a notch higher by using architectural masterpieces of the site to showcase his talent.

When asked about his collection, Nicolas replied that the collection was a blend of positive and proud looks representing a harmonious environment. It also replicates the open, borderless, and adventurous personality of a woman.

Noteworthy Highlights of the Collection

Louis Vuitton leaves no stone unturned to bring out the best and latest trends in the fashion world. This year, the collection was marked with colors like Red, Black, Blue, White, Green, to name a few. The models walked the architectural masterpiece runway showcasing some of the most unique, comfortable, eye-catching-looking designs and color combinations. Every outfit was accessorized perfectly and spoke volumes about the look. From old looks to singular geometrical prints, the collection is truly a masterpiece in every way.

The brand has its fan following and is genuinely a trendsetter on its own. Without a doubt, when you look at this latest collection, it is safe to say that Louis Vuitton knows and understands what women want, and this world-famous fashion house delivers just that in its own subtle way. Wouldn’t you agree?