How To Tell Your Parents You’re Engaged

Once the question’s been popped, telling your parents that you’ve just become engaged can be something that’s worth thinking about. While having cleared the hurdle of actually managing to have a successful relationship thus far, cementing your love for one another can be as blissful and rewarding an experience as it can be nervewracking for some.

In most cases, you’re likely to experience a great deal of euphoria, and depending on the relationship, the next step will differ greatly – and that’s telling your parents. If you’re lucky enough to have a healthy relationship with your parents and they support your relationship with your partner, this can actually be a seriously fun project! But for those who haven’t won their parents’ blessings yet, well – you’ll just have to wait until we write the article on “best places to elope to!”

Okay, so now that you’ve managed to get the details out of the way, breaking the news to your respective parents and loved ones is something that you try and make as joyous as possible – after all, it’s a pretty momentous day in your lives! One of the best possible ways to tell your parents that you’re hitched is face-to-face. Sometimes, you really can’t explain the subtle details to someone you love over the phone or via a webcam.

Being able to make physical contact with them adds a whole new level of meaning to your discussion as well as your tone and body language. Plus, parents love seeing their kids as they grow older – so visiting your folks if you’re out of the house is always a nice surprise.

From there on out, the easiest way to ensure that they literally get the message is via phone. Whether you send your parents a typed message, a voice recording, or even just call them, being able to hear them directly is always the preferable form of communication to use when broaching such a serious issue.

Sometimes, being creative and taking a selfie in the area where you proposed is a great way to capture the moment to share with your family and friends. Sometimes though, it might be a good idea to wait a day or so before telling your parents, so that you allow yourself time to let the news sink in as well – rather than screaming over the phone in excitement!