Victoria Beckham Promoted Her Super Bowl Ad With a Surprising Outfit

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Victoria Beckham is known as Posh Spice for a reason. The star is famous for being a former member of the Spice Girls, of course, but she’s equally known for her incredible fashion sense. Beckham is known to always dress up, regardless of the event, and seems disinterested in the types of clothes we regular folks typically wear. That’s why her chosen outfit to promote her Super Bowl ad was so surprising.

The Outfit

Beckham appeared in the ad’s promotion wearing an oversized T-shirt and jeans – which would be fine for most people, but given how unlike her it is, people took notice. The star assured her fans that she wasn’t undergoing a style transformation, she was simply trolling her husband, David Beckham. The T-shirt in question had text on it that read, “My dad has a Rolls-Royce,” in reference to a conversation she and her husband had in their Netflix documentary.

The Conversation

The now-viral conversation involved Victoria talking about her “working class” upbringing. David, however, told his wife to “be honest,” prodding her to admit that her father drove a Rolls-Royce. Netflix and the Beckhams tried to pass it off as a humorous moment. However, if you ask us, David didn’t come out of it looking too good. It seemed like he was trying to put his wife down by publicly disagreeing with what she was trying to say. That’s not to say he can never disagree with her, but the way he went about it seemed very intentional.

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Well, good for Victoria that she can laugh about it now.