Influencers Just Can’t Get Enough of This Sustainable Fashion Brand

It turns out that influencers just can’t get enough of this sustainable fashion brand. Looking good and helping to preserve the planet all at the same time? Now that sounds like the kind of fashion we can get behind.

The Name Behind It All

Le 17 Septembre is a name that many of us will come to learn. The company was founded by Eunhye Shin in Seoul back in 2013. The former blogger says that the name of the brand was inspired by her birthday, while the clothes designs were all thanks to the outfits she likes to wear on a daily basis. As well as creating timeless designs, Le 17 Septembre aims to keep things as sustainable as possible.

Sustainability Is Key

The sustainable fashion brand says they embrace the idea throughout all aspects of their business. Le 17 Septembre uses undyed cotton and recycled polyester to help reduce pollution and the impact on the environment. However, the brand also wants to make sure their consumers are being green while also keeping the carbon footprint down on their supply chain and deliveries. Every aspect of the production line has been considered.

A Huge Online Presence

Le 17 Septembre says the majority of the success came from social media – and it wasn’t long before influencers from around the world fell in love with the sustainable fashion brand. Eunhye says that she was once a small business owner, but sharing her stories on social media meant that she quickly connected with people across the planet who have all helped her brand to grow.

Le 17 Septembre is the sustainable fashion brand that influencers everywhere have fallen for – and for a good reason. Every aspect of the brand has been designed to be as green as possible while still producing some of the most fashionable and everlasting clothes on the market.