How To Use Instagram To Pick Winning Fashion Stocks

When we scroll down Instagram, most of us are looking for stunning images to inspire us, give us a hint at what the latest trends are/will be and even just to find something funny to brighten our day. However, even for the exclusively ‘fashion conscious’ among us, Instagram has become a much more powerful tool than something to while away the time with.

Besides being an amazing way to help create brand awareness and liberate designers from the retail chain, ultimately letting them sell their own products directly on the platform, Instagram has become a helpful metric tool as well.

When we’re looking at fashion posts or blogs, more often than not we’re viewing them from the point of view of someone who is either a fan of the designer/brand or as someone who interested in buying from the brand/label. But there’s something that most of us are over-looking and that’s the ability to buy stocks or shares in a brand or label that we love.

While it is true that entering the stock market and buying a dress are two totally different things, being able to make money from a brand you love while supporting them is a really cool feature that isn’t always made clear enough to younger generations these days. Plus encouraging more women to hold stock portfolios at some point in their lives is a great way of creating a more accessible and inclusive attitude in the largely male-dominated world of the stock market. Just saying!

That being said, using an application like Instagram as a tool to determine which brands are likely going to be successful stock is a great idea. According to a recent study by UBS, analysts realized that there was a 76% correlation between the number of likes a brand page was getting per post and overall per month and the number of sales they would ultimately make that month.

When pages have a higher number of likes, even if most people can’t afford their designer items, it shows that they’re more likely to at some point or another. The stronger a brands market share, the more valuable each share becomes – at least in the world of fashion, where popularity and mass appeal are the name of the game (as well as style of course).