What Do You Think Of The World’s Most Expensive Glasses?

In this day and age, almost everyone wears glasses. Whether it’s prescription specs, sunglasses, or just those ones that offer cool frames and clear glass, eyewear is a great accessory to pump up any outfit. They can be used to see, or they can be used to add a sense of color or style to your chosen ensemble of the day. Because so many people wear them, there are plenty of glasses out there for people to buy. However, one fashion designer has recently created a brand new collection of glasses, and we have a feeling that they will go down in history as some of the world’s most expensive…

What Do You Think Of The World’s Most Expensive Glasses?

Francis De Lara

These glasses can be found within a brand called Francis De Lara. This has been the brain-child of a man by the name of John-Paul Pietrus – but he hasn’t always been a fashion designer. As a fashion photographer by trade, John-Paul has spent his whole career photographing models and their clothes, and stationing himself behind the camera. However, he decided to take a break from this world, and that’s when his ideas came to life.

His Inspiration

In fact, John-Paul was inspired when he visited the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. He walked around the gallery and was overwhelmed by the beauty and the uniqueness of fashion during the Renaissance era. He noticed that the men and women in this era wore quirky, chunky, and jeweled necklaces, rings, and earrings. He couldn’t help but wonder if they also wore eyewear. He wanted to explore this concept and eventually decided to create his own.

What Do You Think Of The World’s Most Expensive Glasses?

The Fall Of Man

Thanks to this inspiration, Francis De Lara now offers a variety of bejeweled glasses that come in various shapes and sizes. They take inspiration from the Fall of Man, Italian craftsmanship, and tempting jewels and engraving. One particular pair of glasses within the collection, called the Ruby Teardrop, took a painstaking 260 hours to make. This is the same for the other glasses that form the whole brand, which is why they are considered some of the most expensive glasses in the world. In fact, the starting price of these glasses comes in at around £15,000 ($19,500), and the price can go up to around £700,000 ($910,000).

Would you wear the most expensive glasses in the world?