The Rising Fashion Brands You’ll Want to Watch out for This Year

Sure, established designers are cool with their billions in the bank and their celebrity clientele, but have you ever found any up-and-coming fashion brands that makes beautiful clothing that you adore in every single way? Well, today may be that day. The spotlight is making its way onto these small businesses and brands right now, and we’re pretty excited about it. This gives new designers the chance to showcase their talent, and it gives you the chance to support smaller businesses and bump up your wardrobe at the same time.

Peter Do

The fashion world is changing, and we’re seeing more and more women embracing tailored fashion – and that’s exactly what Peter Do is all about. After launching his brand in 2013, Peter Do has since created a “uniform for the modern woman, founded on tailoring, construction, and fine textiles.” In short, he’s a boss.


Rotate is a relatively new fashion brand, and eagle-eyed fashionistas got their first glimpse at their vibe in 2018. The result? It’s a colorful, bold, and ‘80s-inspired brand that will make you feel like the center of attention. Focusing on ‘80s cuts and themes, these clothes will take you back in time while also propelling you into the fashion future.

Kelsey Randall

Those who prefer custom and made-to-order pieces should definitely check out Kesley Randall. She’s all about festival vibes, rhinestone cowboy hats, romantic evening gowns, rock-and-roll leather jackets, and so much more. Basically, if you want something cool and bespoke, then she’s got the goods.

BITE Studios

If you’re becoming increasingly aware of your impact on the natural world, then this brand may be for you. BITE Studios is all about sustainability, eco-consciousness, and simple but detailed clothing, and that’s exactly what they have created. The clothes may not be flashy, but they are extremely beautiful in their simplicity.

2020 is a new fashion year, and there’s also new, fresh designers and fashion brands to enjoy.