Are ’90s Platform Flip Flops Making A Comeback?

The future can be pretty daunting, so why not just take a trip back to the ‘90s instead? This era was by-far one of the coolest and quirkiest we’ve had in terms of fashion, and we miss being able to wear bandanas, flared jeans, crop tops, and jelly shoes when we want to. Thankfully, it seems as though the fashion gods have been listening to our prayers because ‘90s fashion seems to be making a comeback. We’ve already seen the likes of fanny packs, chokers, overalls, and tie-dye make their way back into our lives, and it seems as though our favorite platform flip flops are also getting ready to make their second debut…

Are ’90s Platform Flip Flops Making A Comeback?

The Genius Of Steve Madden

If you were a teenager during the 1990s, there’s a high chance that you had a pair of Steve Madden’s platform flip flops. Everyone did, after all. These shoes were clompy and rather unattractive, but they were also the coolest shoes ever to grace our planet. While most girls grew out of this phase when new and exciting shoes came into our lives, they were always at the back of our mind. We never forgot the genius of Steve Madden.

Bringing It Back

Thanks to the ‘90s fashion revival, more and more trends are making their way out of our memories and into the real world. If you weren’t already excited about this trend, then your mind is about to be blown. That’s because Steve Madden is bringing his iconic sandals back into the limelight, thanks to a little help from Urban Outfitters. The retailer has offered Steve the chance to create a capsule collection of some of his coolest platform flip-flops, and we want every single pair.

Are ’90s Platform Flip Flops Making A Comeback?

A Slice Of Variety

Within this new collection, Steve will be creating a whole new look that will also encapsulate the beauty of the ‘90s platform sandal. All of the shoes will have the iconic platform, but he will be selling them in two different forms. There will be the flip flops, or there will be sandals. You can choose between plain black, or get your groove on with neon pink or neon green. Which one will you go for?

No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, platform flip flops really are making a comeback!