Top 3 Celebrity Approved Boots For Winter

Winter is coming and that means boots, boots, and boots! Choosing the right pair of shoes for winter can be a lot more challenging than many realize and every now and then, it helps to have a guiding hand or a style sheet to choose from! Thankfully, that’s what celebrities are for!

Okay, so we know we can’t always just up and follow celebrities blindly – you have to think for yourselves (otherwise we’d all be wearing bacon dresses). But having them to set an example certainly does make it easier to walk the path – especially when it comes to making important fashion decisions, like shoes.

So to make your life easier, here are our top three celebrity-approved boots for you this winter.

Luxury Hikers: Emily Ratajkowksi

While hikers may have been hip in the ’90s, they’ve certainly made a comeback in recent years. Not only are the shoes fashionable, but they’re designed to be incredibly durable, practical, and comfortable. So for once you can look stylish and wear shoes that are comfortable at the same time. We recommend these Ganni Sarai boots for $540 at

Square Tip Shoes: Kendell Jenner

We absolutely love that ’90s styles are making a comeback (because thrift store sales are simply the best). Kendell Jenner made a bold statement when she decided to strut square-toed booties recently and it inspired us to get on board and dust off those old shoe boxes. We recommend brands like By Far and Bevza.

Fur Covered Boots: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is known for pulling some pretty daring style stunts from time to time and her faux-fur boots are a real head-turner. The style might seem kitsch to some, but it’s come back in a big way. So long as you know which boots to choose, you’ll be fly again in no time! We recommend these Tara Mellon Kindred Leopard boots for $995.