Comfort and Style: Why “Dad” Sandals Are the Latest Craze

We all look for inspiration when it comes to our style. There are some people who covet Kendall Jenner’s figure and her ability to pull off basic pieces in a fabulous fashion, there are those who go wild with their taste like Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj, and there are even people who look to the natural world around them to help style their wardrobe. Yet, we bet you didn’t ever think that you would be drooling over a middle-aged man’s accessory choice…

A New Trend

Yes, it seems as though there are many people around the world who are now embracing a new trend. This particular trend was once reminiscent of middle-aged men on vacation as they sip on their mojitos and walk around the pool area, but it seems as though some of the most stylish people in the world are now taking this trend as their own. What trend is that, we hear you ask? Well, we’re talking about the “dad sandals.”

Comfortable And Stylish

Of course, this isn’t their proper name, but it’s what many of us like to call them nowadays. That’s because these sandals promote comfort more than style, and while they have never really been stylish, designers have since embraced this look and incorporated them into their own designs. To be a little more precise, last summer Prada and Chanel tried to win us over with these shoes – and at the time, we were a little unsure.

Understanding The Hype

Now we’ve all had time to think about it, though, we have since come to learn that these spongy sandals are actually pretty awesome. Yes, even though some of them do come complete with velcro fastenings. That’s because the fashion world has learned to appreciate more comfortable clothing and accessories amidst the current worldwide situation, and this has seen us ditch the high heels for shoes more practical.

Would you wear “Dad” sandals?