Here’s Why Meghan Markle’s Shoes Are Always Big On Her

Meghan Markle may still be adjusting to the kind of attention that is lavished on a member of the royal family, as well as all the fashion necessities that come with constantly being in the public eye. There’s one trick, however, that she may have learned even before she was royal. In case you haven’t taken notice, Meghan’s shoes always appear to be one size too big. While the fashion rule is one that us plebeians don’t normally adhere to, there’s a perfectly logical reason behind the choice.

As the new Duchess of Sussex and many other celebrities have learned, wearing shoes one size too big is the best way to prevent blisters, especially when you’re spending hours on your feet at public events. “Celebs often go a size up, or even two, in the shoe department when they’re at an event or on the red carpet and it’s for one reason we can all relate to — to avoid blisters,” Harriet Davey, an expert on celeb fashion, explained to The Sun.

He continued, “There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes, and when celebs like Meghan are wearing heels for a long period of time their feet can often swell up. The swelling can cause blisters and in the long run bunions — like long-time heel fan Victoria Beckham has been rumored to suffer with.”

Anyone who’s ever worn heels knows just how much sore feet and blisters can spoil a night. So what can a shoe fan do to follow in Meghan Markle’s footsteps? For starters, we can all buy our heels one size too big, but there’s a simple trick for making them fit our smaller feet better. One suggestion is to stuff the toe – cotton, tissues, or even wool can work. Or, you can do what Kate Middleton does and wear sticky pads on the bottom of your feet.