Miley Cyrus’ Converse Collection Is Beautiful, Stylish, But Not Just For Anybody

When it comes to the Miley Cyrus x Converse debut collection, she can surely offer a true reflection of her influence and personal style. Miley tapped into her persona as her day-to-day style, performer, and much more, in order to create the footwear you can wear at any time.

Months after anticipation and sneak peeks, Miley set the stage for the collection by inviting some of her biggest fans in order to join her in the look book collection.

Miley Cyrus Converse
Miley Cyrus Converse Collection Is Here. it’s Beautiful, Stylish, But Not Just For Anybody

Converse sat down with Miley for a bit of questions and answers. You can check out the highlights below.

What Does This Collection Mean To You?

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Converse Collection Is Here. it’s Beautiful, Stylish, But Not Just For Anybody

It’s a meaningful collection because it reflects all my styles. It’s me as a performer, and it also reflects my day-to-day style too. Though no one ever sees me in the comfort of my home. These are shoes that I wear in my life. The flats work for every day, whereas the stacks work great for performances.

How Is It Representative of Where You Are Creatively at This Time?

I feel very open now. I wanted to make the collection and reflect a 360 of my personality. For example, my last record has a country element and because of this, I wanted to echo this with my bandana design. I love wearing bandanas. They remind me of Nashville and my roots. There is also a punk rock available and this is very much an important part of who I am.

At the end of the interview, Miley Cyrus gives very important life advice. She says not to take life too seriously all the time and remember to have fun. Perhaps she partnered with Converse so she can show her personality and the real Miley. Who knows.