Square-Toe Shoes Are The Big Trend This Year

Keeping on top of changing fashion trends is an impossible job because they change more often than we change our underwear. Just to be clear, that’s pretty often. While most people focus on the changing clothing trends, we often feel as though shoes are often left out to dry. People forget about them, and people just assume that shoes are stylish whatever the season. Of course, that just isn’t true, and shoe trends are constantly chopping and changing. This year, square-toed shoes are making a comeback…

Square-Toe Shoes Are The Big Trend This Year

Reminders Of The ‘90s

When you think of square-toe shoes, there’s a high chance that you shiver at the thought of them. They might bring back bad memories of the awful shoes your mom used to wear in the ‘90s and ‘00s, and they might fill you with dread. They’ve never been the most attractive shoes in the past, but it seems as though modern society is here to change that. Fashion experts and fashion houses alike are now bringing back this retro look but adding a modern twist to this sense of nostalgia.

Simple and Elegant

One of the main reasons why square-toe shoes probably fill you with dread is because they are often seen as clumpy and overly large. While this is the case in terms of mules and closed-toe shoes, that just isn’t the case with open-toe shoes. That’s because the current trend involves barely-there straps that offer a simple and elegant juxtaposition to the clunkiness of the sole. As if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, celebs are also getting on this trend train. The likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Elsa Hosk, and Cate Blanchett have rocked this look, so maybe it’s time that you do too.

Square-Toe Shoes Are The Big Trend This Year

The Best Of Both Worlds

The best thing about square-toe shoes is that they really do offer the best of both worlds. The squared-off front can hide a multitude of sins and even cater to those who have a slightly wider foot. Not only are they stylish, but they are also incredibly comfortable and practical. You no longer have to try and squeeze your toes into a space they really don’t want to squeeze into, because this square shape offers more space and more comfort. What more could you possibly want?

With so many changing trends in the world of fashion, will you be embracing the square-toe shoes trend?