Vans Is Giving You The Chance To Wear A Piece Of Art On Your Feet

While we may consider art to be an admired piece found on the wall, Vans are proving otherwise. The powerhouse sneaker brand behind a multitude of fun collaborations is now launching the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection, meaning anyone who wished to wear a million dollar piece of art on their feet, now can!


The collection will act an as accessible representation of the late artist’s works, taking his most recognizable works as prints and allowing consumers to wear them. This includes Van Gogh’s renowned self-portrait and his drawing, Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman. Being featured on Old Skool silhouette and Classic Slip-Ons, it will be alongside “excerpts and illustrations from some of the 700 letters that were sent [from Van Gogh to his brother, Theo].”


When it comes to the infamous Starry Night, however, this is one they’ll find off the list. The famous painting continues to be under the ownership of the Museum of Modern Art since 1941, but fortunately, there are others to choose from. Just as any piece of art would prove, attention to detail is key and Vans takes that into consideration.

Each sneaker in the collection, therefore, will be finished with “custom footbed art that mimics Van Gogh’s memorable brush strokes,” according to Vans. The pieces will also come with a hangtag that teaches a historical fact behind each represented piece of art.


The full collection is now readily available at Vans stores and at The Van Gogh Museum Shop. With the collection on its way to selling out, however, people wishing to get their hands on a pair should not worry. According to the Van Gogh Museum’s site, discussions of a relaunch have already taken place.

“Thank you very much for your interest in the exclusive collaboration of Vans and Van Gogh Museum. Unfortunately, our stock is almost sold out, our apologies for the inconvenience. Due to high demand, we will organize a re-launch very soon, so please keep an eye on our website.”