Vibram’s New FiveFingers Shoes Push the Limits With Painted Toenails

Vibram’s FiveFingers shoes have caused mixed feelings amongst the public for a long time. While some don’t enjoy the look at all, others embrace them and find them to be quite comfortable. However, the new collaboration between Midorikawa and Suicoke has led to a completely new take on men’s footwear and the results are a bit shocking to some.

FiveFingers Shoes
FiveFingers Shoes – Painted Toenails Included

Midorikawa is a young Japanese shoe brand that has always had a unique vision of men’s footwear in an attempt to undercut gender norms and give new life to footwear designs that were previously thought to be undesirable. The new design was created in collaboration with Suicoke, a well-known Japanese brand of accessories, footwear, and clothing. However, the new style of shoe that was a result of their combined work is quite out there and likely to be a bit much for the average consumer.

FiveFingers Shoes with painted toenails

Will This Footwear Set a New Trend

FiveFingers footwear is still considered questionable in many circles, but this new design is a painted toe over the line even for those who are open to more eccentric styles. The shoes are designed to look like actual bare feet with clearly separated toes and very easily distinguishable toenails. There are varieties that feature clear toenails or ones that are painted bright red. The fit is glove-like and the pale beige color makes the shoes look all the more like an actual human foot. They will also be available in ivory, mocha, and snow.

FiveFingers Shoes with painted toenails
Coming this Fall

Although many agree that this new shoe design is likely to take over the fashion industry by storm, they will be part of Midorikawa’s Fall/Winter collection of 2021. It will certainly be interesting to see what the general public’s reaction will be once these innovative and somewhat unsettling FiveFingers shoes hit the shelves by the end of the summer.