Alanui Offers Stunning Knitwear for a Fashionable Fall in 2021

All those who are fans of knitwear will love the items that Alanui has been boosting for the upcoming Fall season. The brand is known for creating gorgeous, unique, and unisex pieces. Their luxurious cardigans and sweaters sport a surfer vibe and are painstakingly created using high-quality materials. Carlotta Oddi, creative director, took to South American textile traditions and landscapes for this season’s collection!

Alanui Knitwear model The Story of Alanui

Dreamed up by siblings Nicolo and Carlotta Oddi, this brand was conceptualized as an emotion-charged and luxurious product. The very word Alanui translates to “large path” from Hawaiian. Having started its journey as a collection built around one item, it continues to grow organically, now including accessories as well as stunning clothing items. The first article that their collection continues to grow around is a stunning, buttonless, unisex cardigan that closes with a two-tone belt and is edged with a rich fringe. There are many gorgeous variations to this pattern available.

Two Alanui Knitwear Models Fashionable Knitwear

With the goal of creating understated yet uniquely luxurious items, Alanui crafts each cardigan by hand, using fine Italian cashmere. The complete opposite of throwaway fashion, these items are made to last. The crafting process takes around seven hours of knitting, six hours of assembly, and more for hand-crafted embroideries. The amazing craftsmanship leaves nothing to be desired and anyone who loves oversized, comfortable cardigans is sure to find something they like in this line. The brand is boosting its stunning knitwear for the upcoming fall, but these cardigans are certainly a great fit for spring as well!

Alanui Knitwear and Accessories Wonderful Accessories

As the brand’s popularity continues to grow, its collection has expanded to include many types of hand-crafted accessories. Looking through what they offer, there’s certainly plenty to find, including hand-woven phone cases and belts, gorgeous tote bags, long scarves, shoes, slippers, and more. Each piece celebrates artistic expression and exceptional craftsmanship, which are qualities that appeal to many modern consumers.