Iconic AllSaints Two-in-One Dress Is Still a Yearly Hit

It’s not very common for high-street brands to drop an item so popular and successful to repeat the outfit year after year. But it’s just the case with AllSaints, which runs the production of its ingenious two-in-one long dress in every season, since 2016. This iconic winter outfit is an ultimate testament to the design prowess of the brand.

The Dress

First emerged in 2016 and originally called the ‘Kowlo,’ the dress was based on a limited-edition style, created by AllSaints exclusively for Selfridges. The success of the dress led the brand to further expand it into its mainline collection. The smart dress has two parts- a silken slip dress with an accompanying top over it. The chic design inspired by common easy-to-go layering has won the hearts of thousands of customers, hi-end influencers, and famed fashion editors alike. The ready-made appeal of the outfit has made it a fashion favorite over the years. This winter is no exception, with the dress re-emerging in a variety of styles, colors, ranges. From classic ribbed knits and tank tops to rolled collars and turtle necks, the styling options of the tops are now adding a trendy touch to the entire ensemble.

The Versatility of the Dress

WWW columnist Monikh Dale prominently styled the outfit in 2018. The versatility of the dress was marked well, paired with her chunky black Velcro sandals, just as amazing as the smart strappy heels of Eni from Eni’s Wardrobe. While Monikh went for an all-black ensemble with a contrasting yet chic slouchy brown tote, Eni looked gorgeous in the mustard-colored outfit with the party-ready spangled heeled sandals. Just like them, you can pair the components for a sleek seamless look, or mix and match different colors to create various vibrant looks. Truly, layering has never made such easy! As a style-statement of fall fashion or cozy late winter wear, this evergreen ensemble is a perfect wardrobe-worthy piece for this year and many more coming years as well.